plllank #103 - tigerwood | walnut


Sturdy end-grain butcher block made of Tigerwood, American walnut and padauk. Size: 39 x 28 x 4 cm.

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Composition of this unique cutting board

This end-grain cutting board is an exclusive variation of the ECLIPSE pattern of plllank using Tigerwood, padauk and American black walnut. A stylish and functional eye-catcher for your kitchen. A handle was milled into both sides for easy movement of the cutting board.

Tigerwood has a striped "tiger" pattern on the edge-grain surface with a whimsical color pattern. The wood has a yellow-brown, pinkish to dark brown color. What makes it especially special are the dark brown "veins" that run randomly through the wood and also give it a unique pattern on the end-grain plane.

Furthermore, the base is formed from the warm dark brown American walnut, here the black walnut variety, with distinct markings highlighted via a "bookmatch" bonding. Finally, padauk is used which has a perfectly complementing deep red color after treatment.

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Personalize your cutting board!

Each cutting board can be personalized with your name (or names), initials, (your own) illustrative design, your company's logo... Personalization can add great value to make the wooden cutting board even more unique. For example as a housewarming gift, institute gift, wedding gift, gift for father's day or mother's day, as a business gift for your customers and much more.

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edge-grain versus end-grain cutting board?

When you use a durable edge-grain or end-grain plllank cutting board, your knives stay sharp longer and you don't need to sharpen them as often. This is because they cut between the grain (which recovers afterwards) instead of through the grain (which is irreversibly cut afterwards) like cheaper mass-produced cutting boards.

A edge-grain glued cutting board is a sturdy and durable cutting board with the best moisture regulation. This is because moisture absorbs more quickly in end-grain than in edge-grain because of the wood vessels that soak up moisture like straws. This type of cutting board requires the least maintenance.

A end-grain glued cutting board constitutes the most hard-wearing cutting board, and knives stay sharp the longest with these. Because of the method of construction, these are often more expensive than edge-grain glued boards. end-grain cutting boards require more meticulous maintenance when the wax and/or oil layer disappears because of the less good moisture regulation compared to edge-grain cutting boards.

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How durable is a plllank cutting board?

In addition to using high quality and flaw-free solid hardwood, each wooden cutting board undergoes three treatments that ensure outstanding durability.

  • During the sanding process, the fibers are set up and sanded back. This ensures that you can rinse your cutting board with water without worry and maintain its smoothness for a long time.
  • After sanding, each board receives a mineral oil bath. The wood vessels absorb the oil, providing an additional barrier against moisture.
  • After the oil bath, each board is rubbed with a layer of wax. This is done with homemade wax based on sterilized beeswax. 100% food safe, colorless, odorless and tasteless.

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How to maintain a wooden cutting board?

With a few simple points of attention, you can keep your wooden cutting board in top condition.

For daily use:

  • Wash the cutting board with warm water after use, with soap if necessary.
  • Food residue stuck to the surface can be removed with a kitchen scraper before washing.
  • Never soak a cutting board in water or wash it in the dishwasher. This will inevitably cause the wooden board to absorb water and possibly become irreversibly damaged.
  • Dry the cutting board thoroughly before stocking. If possible, let air dry on its side.

Maintenance tips for long-term use:

  • Depending on the intensity of use, the protective wax layer will gradually disappear. However, every plllank cutting board has also been given a mineral oil bath so that the vessels are impregnated with oil. The longer you use the cutting board without the wax layer, the more that oil will also disappear.
  • You can easily reapply the wax layer using a microfiber cloth and the jar of homemade beeswax-based wax you received with the cutting board. If no longer available, you can always purchase a new jar from the webshop.

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Each cutting board comes assembled with exclusive brass non-slip feet and is ecologically packaged including a jar of homemade plllank wood wax and wax applicator.

plllank Process

A wooden cutting board from plllank is not just any cutting board. From start to finish, the board is carefully crafted with attention to detail. Finished, plllank delivers a straight, flat, correctly glued, food safe, unique, locally made and durable hardwood cutting board.